Why Preneed 

Losing a loved one is the most difficult experience a family will ever face.

We recognize how difficult it is for families who have just suffered a loss and must make many decisions for their loved one  during an emotional time. 

picture of young fanily

Preplanning  allows you to determine the type of service and disposition you've always wanted. You have the time to consider important details and to discuss them with your loved ones. Preplanning spares your survivors the uncertainty of last minute decisions they may have to make with your most cherished wishes. Your loved ones can rest assured that the distress of this deeply personal moment has been minimized by your careful consideration. 

The Complete Assurance Plan makes sure that your plans will be carried out at the time of need, exactly as you want them and by prepaying today, 100% of your funds will be there to pay for your final expenses, regardless of when needed.


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